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The first Hinman meeting was held in 1911 by Dr. Thomas P. Hinman and was considered to be the first clinic strictly for serious-minded educational purposes.  Dr. Hinman believed strongly in the individual’s contribution to dentistry.

The meeting developed a reputation for devotion to detail and hospitality that continued to grow through the years with every meeting. These qualities are represented in the motto: Devotion to detail is the secret of success.

Born in 1870, Thomas Hinman graduated from Southern Dental College in Atlanta with his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 1891. The following year, he joined the faculty of his alma mater and became Professor of Oral Surgery. Dr. Hinman held high offices in many professional organizations including the appointment by President Woodrow Wilson as the U.S. Delegate and Honorary Chairman of the Section VIII of the Fourth International Congress of Dentists in London. This nomination was considered one of the highest tributes in the dental world.

 Today, the focus is still on providing the best possible continuing dental education, not just for the dentists but also, the whole dental team. The program addresses the needs of the general dentists, specialists, hygienists, assistants, front office staff and students.The Hinman Dental Society today is comprised of 750 dentist members, primarily located in metropolitan Atlanta. One of the primary membership responsibilities is volunteering service during the meeting each year. This service enables the reputation for unparalleled hospitality to continue. The combination of outstanding education and hospitality ensures the position of the Hinman Dental Meeting as one of the top dental programs in the country.
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Sep 092013

Our Costa Rica trip visiting our daughter while she was attending college for Spanish immersion. One of our highlights was meeting Robert August (he had broken his glasses surfing that morning)






Touring Grand Cayman with our good friend Wes the Caymanian.

Can you hear me now? Beautiful Cayman conch shells.

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